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“Diego Jascalevich not only masters the charango, he is actually a part of it. A melancholy expanse hovers over his playing, which can probably only be experienced in the southern hemisphere.”



"Breathtaking virtuosity paired with inexhaustible creativity and depth – this is what distinguishes Diego's playing and makes it so irresistible for the listener."

Prof. Johannes Monno


Diego brought the charango to the stage as a solo instrument.

As a developer of new playing techniques, the native Argentinian, who found his way to Europe via the music stronghold of Savador de Bahia and studied classical guitar and composition in Germany, never ceases to amaze audiences with his art of conjuring up sounds that are sometimes rhythmically energetic and virtuosic and sometimes lyrically impress vocally.

Charango & Ronroco

In his solo programs he also introduces the alto instrument of the charango family – the ronroco – to the public.

To Diego's instruments


The repertoire includes his own compositions and the music of his musical roots in Argentine folklore: the world of chacareras, zambas, cuecas, guarañas, tango, as well as choros and bossa nova from Brazil, finely spiced with influences from jazz and classical music.

Diego - Painted by Argentine artist Sebastian Maisa

La Hurtada von Diego JascalevichDiego Jascalevich
00:00 / 03:28
Dona Ubenza von Chacho EcheniqueDiego Jascalevich
00:00 / 02:49
Tardes Ocres von Diego JascalevichDiego Jascalevich
00:00 / 02:14
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