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Misa Nueva

A World Music Fair 2009/2011


Mass for soloist, choir and orchestra by Diego Jascalevich (2009)

Premiere in the Soest Cathedral

2017: Performance in the Kasseler Kreuzkirche

Another performance in the Kasseler Advent church

02 KyrieDiego Jascalevich
00:00 / 04:44
01 GloriaDiego Jascalevich
00:00 / 05:10

"In the almost 20-minute composition, several languages and musical traditions are combined into an atmospheric opus, while the colorful harmonies are impressive. The ensemble received long applause from around 100 guests for its musical warmth.”


Misa Nueva

"Los Tallos Amargos - The Bitter Grasses"

Opera Improvvisata (2011)

An opera with improvised music based on the novella "Los Tallos Amargos" by Adolfo Jasca (Argentina, 1954/55) with orchestra, choir and soloists

Libretto: Miguel Jascalevich
Concept and music: Diego Jascalevich
Translation: Beeke Dummer/ Jochen Reiss

First performance: June 2012
Venue: tif – Theater im Fridericianum, Kassel

The story of the opera comes from Diego Jascalevich's father, the late Argentine writer and journalist Adolfo Jasca. The award-winning novella was a great literary success in the 1950s. The novel was filmed in 1956 by the famous director Fernando Ayala and is considered one of the best film noirs - a cinematic masterpiece.  The Argentine bandoneon player and composer Astor Piazzolla, the founder of Tango Nuevo, composed the score, which is of particular importance because it contains some of the ideas that Piazzolla would soon develop in his own, more innovative work.

The writer Miguel Jascalevich, Diego's brother, wrote the Spanish libretto, which was translated in Kassel by Beeke Dummer.

Diego Jascalevich: “I was inspired for this piece by previous projects of my own, in which I led orchestral and group improvisations as a conductor.


In an exciting interaction between the conductor, who is also the composer here, and the musicians, a musical dramaturgy is created that can fully develop its potential in the course of an opera.


The solid building blocks of the concept are the libretto and a graphic score that reflects the dramaturgical course of the action - the spontaneous reactions to each other and to each other in the group leave room for unexpected and previously unheard-of sounds.”


The literary basis for the opera was penned by Diego's father, Adolfo Vasca.

Tallos Amargos
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