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Since 2004, international musicians have repeatedly followed Diego's invitation to Kassel to share their "musical worlds" in public concerts and workshops with students from the Kassel Music Academy and the University of Kassel.

In the Puente Cultural projectsees music as a non-verbal means of communication and cultural mediator for musicians and audiences.


The "music initiator Diego" and the invited musicians from South America, Asia and Africa repeatedly emphasized the cultural encounter in his adopted home of Kassel.

The musician's own inexhaustible motivation to live and pass on the exchange with other musical cultures is the motor for the organization of the Puente Cultural projects in which the following musicians participated:

Juan Falú – guitar (Argentina)

Ricardo Moyano – guitar (Argentina/Istanbul)

Leandro Hipaucha – double bass (Argentina/Barcelona)

Cecilia Zabala - guitar

Rogerio Souza – guitar (Brazil)

Ensemble Novato (Northern Brazil)

Tomoko Kihara – Kot (Japan)

Siye and Nye Song – mandolin and guitar (Korea)

Jalli Lamin Kuyateh – Kora (Gambia)

culture bridge

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