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The concert series "GUITARRA LATINA 2023" in Kassel gives the world of South American guitar music a stage. This year, several internationally renowned guitarists from South America, who are very close to me, finally find their way to Europe again as part of tours.


For the Kassel audience, I would like to invite these exceptional musicians to concerts that will form a series throughout 2023.


As a musician, I myself enjoy the artistic encounter and the privilege of playing with my colleagues. I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to create new sounds and little musical gems through improvisation.


Among others, Juan Falú (Argentina), Ricardo Moyano (Argentina) and Sergio Valdeos (Peru) will perform.

No upcoming events at the moment

concerts in the series

Juan Falú


19 Uhr

Matthäuskirche, Am Fronhof 3, Kassel

Argentine guitarist and composerAlfredo Juan Falu, born in 1948, is active in the field of Latin American folklore and classical music.


Falú studied guitar and folklore at the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla in Buenos Aires. After the military dictatorship, which he spent in exile, he returned to Argentina and became a professor of folklore at the Buenos Aires Conservatory, organizing numerous festivals over the years. For his work he was honored by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.


Falú has performed as a soloist in more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia and America. In addition to recordings with other musicians, he has released over thirty solo albums. In 2000 he received the First National Prize for Music from Argentina.*


* Source: Wikipedia

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